Diogo Bento (b. 1984) lives and works in Mindelo, Cabo Verde.
He studied Photography at Ar.Co, in Lisbon, and completed postgraduate studies in Photography and Contemporary Art (IPA/Atelier de Lisboa).
He has been working in both photography and installation, where landscape has been the primary backdrop for expressing his ideas and concerns about the world. His artistic practice is informed by an understanding of the landscape as a space of cultural embodiment, a place where natural, physical and symbolic dimensions interact and colide. When approaching the landscape, his interest transcends the natural and physical aspects but rather considers the accumulation of traces left behind as signs of political and socio-ecological significance. He is therefore, more concerned about constructing an image and inscribing a speculative meaning in his photographs than recording the surface of things.
He has been involved in several artistic and educational projects as a photographer, trainer, curator and founding member of AOJE, an organization dedicated to the promotion of photography. He has been working as an educator for several years and collaborates at Koiástudio, an image and design studio.

Available for Commissions:
+238 5899624 [cv]
+351 966387962 [pt]


2010-2011 Photography and Contemporary Art – IPA/Atelier de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
2003-2005 Photography – Ar.Co, Lisbon, Portugal
2002-2008 Landscape Architecture – ISA/UTL, Lisbon, Portugal

Solo Exhibitions
2018 16° 51’ 49 N 24° 52’ 02 W – Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2012 Cabral ka Morri – UniCV, Praia, Cabo Verde
2012 Cabral ka Morri – Espaço Experimental de Arte e Design, M_EIA, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2009 Pistas para uma paisagem – Espaço Imagerie, Lisbon, Portugal
2009 Pistas para uma paisagem – Galeria Colorfoto, Porto, Portugal

Group Exhibitions
2019 Zeitgeist – Parallel Platform, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, Hungary
2019 Currents Shift – Parallel Platform, Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France
2019 Adaptation and Transition – Ci.CLO Porto Photography Biennial, Porto, Portugal
2018 Parallel Showcase – Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 On Landscape #2 – On Landscape Project, Matèria Gallery, Rome, Italy
2013 Ocupações Temporárias, Documentos – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
2013 Ocupações Temporárias – Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2011 Quinze Ensaios – Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, Portugal
2011 Na superfície – Palácio das Artes, Porto, Portugal
2010 Na superfície – Espaço Campanhã & Tabacaria, Porto, Portugal
2005 New Ways of Approaching Landscape – Penafiel, Portugal

2018-2019 Parallel Platform 2nd Cycle – selected artist
2018-2019 Ci.CLO Porto Photography Biennial – invited artist and curator
2017 Mack First Book Award – nominated
2016 BF16, Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennial Award – finalist
2015 Dummy Award Kassel – finalist
2014 Unseen Dummy Award – finalist

2019 Sixth Nature – Ci.CLO Photography Biennial, CPF, Porto, Portugal
2016 Mundo Cão – Galeria Ponta d’Praia, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2016 O Outro Lado da Lua – Centro Cultural do Mindelo, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2016 Estórias – Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2014 Palco 50 – Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design, Mindelo, Cabo Verde
2013-2014 Cabo Verde International Photography Festival
2012 Espelho de Prata – Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design, Mindelo, Cabo Verde

2019 Luuanda – Colectivo Pés Descalços, Luanda, Angola
2018 Adaptation and Transition – Ci.CLO Photography Biennial, Parque de Noudar, Portugal
2017 Walkscapes, Residency in Transit – Hangar, Ethiopia
2005 New Ways of Approaching Landscape – artLAB*projectos, Penafiel, Portugal

2019 Atlas – Parallel Platform
2019 Currents Shift exhibition catalogue – Parallel Platform
2018 CAIS Magazine #238 – Associação Cais
2016 Multiple Gazes of a Country’s Photographed Past – African Photography Initiatives
2016 BF16 Bienal de Fotografia Vila Franca de Xira catalogue – CMVFX
2015 Next Future journal #18 – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
2014 Pinheiro silvestre em Portugal: o extremo sudoeste ou apenas o fim? – UTAD, ICNF, IICT
2013 Next Future journal #12 – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
2013 Revista 2 – Público
2012 Exploring the boundaries of Landscape Architecture – Routledge
2010 Scopio Magazine #1 – Cityscópio
2010 PROAP 20 Years – NOTE
2010 João Ferreira Nunes [PROAP]. Works – Asflor

Fundação Amílcar Cabral – Praia, Cabo Verde